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The World's First Sing-Along DJ Show!

World's First Sing-Along DJ Show!

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DJ Sing-Alongs

Where the greatest sing-along remixes ever recorded, are masterfully mixed live, on the fly, in all request order, while the entire audience, he and his musician friends take turns shouting out the vocals, playing along with instruments, singing, dancing and laughing the night away, in this one and only, exhilarating, hilarious & exhausting, never-the-same-show-twice format!

The only goal of every single DJ Sing-Alongs performance, from the dancing to the singing, the stand-up comedy, the shock jock-ing, the costume changes, the crowd participation, is to collectively raise the entire audience's vibrations as high as humanly possible.

~ We Are Music! ~

Join us for an experience that will leave you feeling more alive than ever before!


Thanks to his father's 10,000-record collection and love of stand-up comedy, DJ Sing-Alongs has been obsessed with being an entertainer, singing and performing stand-up comedy his entire life, and he hopes to share his love and passion of each with the entire world.
At only 7 years old,...     


By masterfully mixing the world's greatest sing-along remixes on just two turntables and a microphone, DJ Sing-Alongs packs venues of all ages, while simultaneously leading off all the dances, singing all the main vocals, changing into endless costumes, telling hilarious jokes,... 


Having an entire lifetime of professional dj, lead singer and stand-up comedian experience, DJ Sing-Alongs has thankfully reached incredible heights by occasionally being in the right place at the right time, with the right set of skills, a whole lot of courage, a little bit of insanity and a hint of good luck...

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