DJ Sing-Alongs is a US Military Veteran, and Ambassador for Black Dagger Military Hunt Club, Inc. Please consider supporting them today!

Just a few short years ago, DJ Sing-Alongs was going through a very long, very hard, very rough patch in his life due to what seemed like an endless series of unfortunate events... Until one day, he committed to do whatever it took to get him back to the care-free, happy-go-lucky, silly little boy he grew up as, in spite of his very lonely, very sad, always neglected childhood.

He remembered there was always something about music, and singing, and dancing, and comedy, and laughing that always managed to pull him through the hardest of times. He, then, committed to be that for as many people as he possibly could, starting with our war wounded US Military Veterans and Black Dagger Military Hunt Club.
As a Veteran himself and Ambassador for BDMHC, DJ Sing-Alongs is all too familiar with the trials and tribulations that our servicemen and women, and their families go through.

He also discovered along the way how many people of all ages and backgrounds are suffering with mental health, lack of general satisfaction with life, and simply dealing with overall happiness issues, as well.

This entire production is all about forgetting everything that hurts, saddens, angers, disappoints or causes us anxiety, in some way or another.

"We are a venue full of friends, relatives and total strangers who completely surround each other dancing, singing & laughing our hearts out, collectively raising our vibrations as high as humanly possible, to feel better than we’ve ever felt in our entire lives, even if only for a few hours."                

~ We Are Music! ~

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